What Are the Top 5 Fashion Trends In 2020?

The fashion world is great every day filled with new trends taking the season off by the storm. Each season seems to have its ambitions or recent fashion looks. There are colours, styles, and other metals that become something of a sudden.

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Last season’s trends are now gone, and spring 2020 fashion is on the market!

The line of runners, street dressers, and fashion week often sets the tone for fashion trends. You see sports celebrities tend to go to the airport or just walk the streets.

You do not have to stick to the expensive, designer or luxury clothing to follow the trend. All you have to do is pay attention to the latest fashion trends and inspire your outfit by buying from your regular or destination store.

There have been many trends in 2019. This includes a dark style where your outfit can be all black shades from head to toe.

With black leather boots in a chic black blouse; he bathes in darkness. 2019 also had bike shorts that could be paired with anything from heel to Cardigans.

Every year comes new fashion trends and 2020 is no different. So today I’m breaking 5 trends to know 2020 in my opinion and some pieces currently available to get you in front of the crowd.

Disco Collar

Although it looks like the disco styles are out of fashion, this season proves us wrong. A disco collar is included in the 2020 runways, and it seems to turn heads.

Running roads show these collars in comfy jackets and jackets that are lined with either coloured, beige, or soft coloured sweaters and shirts underneath.

The collars are long and spread like a triangle of your coat, but they create a chic and bossy look that makes you look sharp and fashionable. Coats and jackets with these collars come in all colours and lengths, and with the right services, you can truly rule the roads in no time.

Neon colours

Neon colours are very visible on the track for the spring of 2020. Models adorned with neon dresses take to the runway to cement the neon trend. Neon’s colours can be seen in the collections of Christopher Kane and Valentino’s. It is not surprising how these colours support this trend because the hues are eye-popping, bright and bold enough to attract people.

These bright colours give your wardrobe an extra layer that enhances the look, despite the simplicity of the dress. These inspired dresses will continue for another 2020 season.

Considering how well most designers have gone in the neon line, it won’t end soon.

Short Suits

Suits record a person regardless of their sex, but have you ever considered suits pants? Yes, they look like they are bringing back fashion trends for spring 2020. These shorts are just above the knee.

They are cut and lean, gracefully completing a formal and elegant look. They bring out one confidence paired with a connecting bag and loose hair.

You can sprinkle your dress by casually wearing these briefs to sport a tie or you can wear a sparkling necklace and go for a more feminine look.

Whatever style you choose, these hats can bring the best out of you. Not only is this trend new and unique to everyone else, but it also strives for a more sophisticated and unique style of clothing for women.

Bra Top

This fashion trend gives you the freedom to flaunt your body above and elegant high bra. The top can add to any colour and give a bright and comical look to your outfit if you compliment her with a black leather jacket or black dress.

But you can enhance the identity of your outfit by depending on the vivid colour of the flowers in soft or pastel colours for the rest of the dress. Once again, the outfit is just a simple white colour that can paint the colour palette. You can change your outfit depending on your style and needs, to make it edgy or soft to your liking.


Although the waist is often the most popular for men, the trend for the return of spring 2020 suggests that women can get their hips off. This is best seen on the 2020 Saint Laurent railway line where the green waistcoat, hot pants, and short bag on the side, were seen.

However, this is not the only way that is bright. The line also suggests that a waistband with long shirts or a sleeveless top will also enhance the look.

These waistcoats can ensure that you look confident and aggressive, but you can completely change your aura depending on the way you like.

These are just some of the most sought after fashion trends by 2020 right now. There are many other looks, such as, white dresses, cutlery, and feather heads that also dominate the 2020 trends.


Although it looks like some of these looks are not compatible with the new and simple spring environment, but you can always design the outfit in a way that suits the season.

That’s what fashion is all about! It’s about experimenting and playing around with current objects to create something magical.

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