Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews in 2020

If you are an engineer, a technician, or an auto mechanic searching for a digital multimeter that is effective, precise, and enduring? Then, you came to the right position as the Fluke brand is one of the market’s leading producers of high-quality, robust multimeters. However, one of the modern and exact multimeters is Fluke Multimeters.

All the Fluke multimeters provide correct readings. They are also the safest multimeters in the market as most of them have or higher CAT III 600V ranking. Besides that, the Fluke DMMs are designed robustly. To handle the constant wear and tear, they are likely to experience while on the ground. They are capable of defying physical violence and are even robust to dust and liquids.

A glance at the Fluke multimeters will leave you curious as they all seem to be the same in size and design. They have several tasks, modes, and choices. But still, it is really easy to use them as both experts, professionals, and even beginners can easily figure out how to control.

Top Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews in 2020

Suppose you have never previously used a Fluke multimeter and do not know which one to choose for your work. So, keep reading our blog to find out which Fluke multimeter is good for your mission and budget.

The following reviews of a few multimeters will simplify the information. It will help you to determine which of the Fluke multimeters will best fulfill your needs. 

  • Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 115 True RMS digital multimeter is the right device for electrical and computer research criteria for general usage. They are easy to operate, compact in design, and very portable. Despite being sold at a great price, the device still offers accurate results. It is user-friendly. Also, this multimeter is durably designed. The Fluke 115 is the finest fluke multimeter suitable for home use.

However, the Fluke 115 ‘s ergonomic nature makes things simple to handle. It also comes with a durable case that protects the circuit board from the everyday wear and tears it faces every day. It has a 600-count panel that contains transparent symbols, quick to interpret digits, and a responsive graph. So beginners and professionals will have an easy time using it. Also, it has a tiny rotary input selector dial, which makes operation with the thumb.

  • Fluke 179 ESFP True-RMS Multimeter
Fluke 179 ESFP True-RMS Multimeter

The Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS multimeter is an outstanding option for commercial as well as home use. It provides reliability, durability, and is easy to use. This DMM is fitted with all the functionalities you will need to troubleshoot and fix in electrical and electrical systems. It is the best industrial Fluke Multimeter. 

The Fluke 179 is incredibly efficient and provides excellent features. It also includes a graphical interface with analog bar graph and temperature readings integrated into it. This system may be used for calculating frequency, capacitance, resistance, persistence, and diodes. 

If you’re a professional who operates in environments with noisy, dirty, and high pressure, that will be a perfect multimeter. In CAT IV 600V III 1000 V settings, it is checked for appropriate usage. As this is a Real RMS DMM, you can be confident that you will have correct test results.

  • Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

If you need the best fluke multimeter? Then, buy this Fluke 323 Clamp meter. It functions explicitly in the harshest environment. It also delivers noise-free to consistent performance. The Fluke 323 is like all Fluke multimeters. However, it is used to resist the regular wear and tear. It is also verified in CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V conditions for secure use. Regardless of the problem you’re facing, you can be sure to diagnose it using this device.

The Fluke 323 DMM is ideal in close cable compartments for existing measurements of up to 400 A. It is also useful for calculating voltage by 600V AC and DC. This is a successful multimeter with its True RMS measurements and ergonomic nature for troubleshooting both residential and commercial problems.

  • Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter
Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

If you’re looking for a simple DMM, then the Fluke 101 basic digital multimeter will be a great option. For standard measurements such as voltage, stability, and resistance, this multimeter is appropriate. However, it may also be used to take frequency and capacitance calculations. For learners, it’s the perfect Fluke multimeter. 

Unlike other high-end Fluke multimeters built in the United States, this one is manufactured in China. But it doesn’t indicate that it’s of low standard or it can’t meet the protection standards. The Fluke 101 always has the enduring look of high-end Fluke DMMs with a protection ranking of CAT III 600V. The tool is simple to use because it includes a strong operation with a dial slider controlled by only one hand.

The Fluke 101 is inexpensive but still gives accuracy measurements. It displays all the results for simple and fast analysis on the 6000-count resolution. The other problem is that it is confronting the consumer. In such a way that it doesn’t have a backlight, so in poor areas, it is a little challenging to carry out tests.


A multimeter is another excellent tool that every homeowner or electrician would have. It is a valuable resource for industrial and household applications if chosen correctly for different specifications. Selecting the right multimeter for your work is always essential. Rather than purchasing a costly one with the features and functions, you don’t need it.

Among the most important factors that should be recognized are the multimeter’s sensitivity, and it’s range. Fluke multimeters are incredible instruments that any professional engineer and technician should have in their warehouse. Here in this blog, we have mentioned above about different multimeters. This guide will help you pick up the right multimeters that will suit your needs within your budget.

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