Top 6 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020

You must be thinking what are the active sites for various downloads? SevenTorrents has catered to more than millions of unique users over the past decade. SevenTorrents continued the momentum moving with others, certainly has one of the strongest web-accessible sites for downloading photos by using torrent files.

SevenTorrents maintained the best torrent service while it functioned effectively. It is a global website that has Movies in Torrent group where you can Download Torrent files of any motion picture. You can use that constant stream to Download Movies from the Torrent Softwares.

There is nothing to ignore the reality that Seventorrents is one of the biggest sites for streaming content.

Here we are going to discuss the 7 most popular torrent sites for 2020 that still surely work.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
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This is the best torrent app in the world. Pirate Bay torrents are probably the greatest opponents of all time when it comes to uploading your favorite movies, TV series and epic shows, Computer games, documentaries, e-books, etc. This platform can easily entitle as the central hub for downloading your great selections for online content available out there.

The pirate bay torrent site is a pioneer of all torrent sites. It’s been leading the best torrent site competition in the last few years. The pirate is now famous for its vast collections of torrents. You should find that Pirate Bay has the largest amount of collections in its servers than any other.


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YTS is the only one that is a rival for the pirate bay. It’s second to the pirate bay, and even a lot of people claim that if it operates well, it will knock down an all-powerful pirate bay. It is preferred by users who love downloading stuff and then watching it later on. This site has switched to a different domain with a lesser Alexa score. 

If you’re one of the people who like to browse stuff and watch them in your spare time, then this platform is the perfect place to do so. In this regard, you can say that this site is better than the pirate bay.

When you’re searching for a torrent platform to stream videos in HD quality, then torrent Yts is the best torrent site to do so.

3. 1337x

This is the third biggest torrent platform on the Internet and has hit the peak of its success. The website has since undergone an artistic redesign and added new functionalities. 1337x may help you discover a torrent on which you can enjoy often if you don’t know what you’re going for, convenient, excellently-organized design.

1337x is a website that provides you with a large directory of downloaded torrent files. Enough magnet connections that can be used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. This one beats the likes of Seven Torrent comfortably because it’s a better alternative to it.


It is a torrent search engine. It accumulates all kinds of a torrent into the database and acts as a torrent search engine. You can easily check for some sort of torrent you may be searching for. And if there are torrents relevant to your quest, the result will be seen on the tab.

The platform is doing the task of detecting a torrent and redirecting you to the pages that have such torrents. The platform does not host any torrent files but remains a popular meta-search engine.

The website has a very straightforward interface and is easy enough to navigate around for the most part. 

The new search option allows users to filter their searches to help them locate their files faster. This also allows users to rate downloads as well as post feedback on them to cut down on the number of frauds on the site. As far as variety and price downloads are concerned, this is one of the better torrent sites out there.


If you are any of the regular consumers of the old torrents platform, you may have known about the name of the EZTV community. It’s common for interphase downloading. This torrent site is very simple with the torrent’s links that are attached to the home page. The user experience is really simple to follow. It’s normal to provide an option to use.

If you’re looking for the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, then this is the site to go to. EZTV is the best streaming platform to stream TV shows. Everything from reality shows hit TV series and even NASCAR races can all be seen on this site. 

Users will create an EZTV account that helps you to save your favorite torrents to your computer. Its website has a basic design with a simple layout. You may access all the details you need about the torrent and the client.


It is one of the oldest torrent sites. This platform has developed a reputation over the last decade where no one can overlook its presence. RARBG has a very simple user interface and provides high-quality torrent files.

RARBG has remained steady over the past year. The platform runs from a variety of common domain names, but the one with the most visits for this page is taken into account. This specializes in sharing high-quality video updates but also has other media, such as music and games.

Rarbg also runs a specific web page to showcase trailers for various movies and series. Users will not be using the torrent site to watch trailers. This is a wonderful platform for those searching for a real Seventorrents safest alternative.


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Torrent has now become a popular and very significant place in our lives. Apart from others, you will consider many options for SevenTorrents. Nonetheless, followers of SevenTorrent may not like any torrent site. Why? Why? Since not all torrent sites require users to access unlimited free torrents.

This may happen that these places do not fit for you because of your various interests. But you can surely try one of these and believe me you will be happy doing so.

This guide will hopefully help you find some awesome SevenTorrents options that you can use to browse fun torrents. So, don’t worry, even though SevenTorrents were blocked, because you don’t have a problem uploading your latest torrent.

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