What are The Popular Haircuts in 2020?

It’s a whole new season and that means it’s time for new hair. Every few months, a new hairstyle is set up, due to the lack of better, soft words. This does not mean that they are completely new and you have never seen them before. As a hair colour trend, some of these styles were “done” at one time or another, and some (most) never really “came out.”.

Don’t worry, though; not all cuts predicted by stylists will be largely requiring significant change. While an asymmetrical lob may be self-inflicted, there are some very easy ways to recreate your spring look. With long bangs, shaggy bangs or just a few well laid out layers, you’re on your way to nailing the most powerful cuts of the season.

Last year’s trendy hairstyles were just as effective as they were chic. From low ponytails to centrepieces and Carrie Bradshaw’s hair, last year it was all about styles under the emphasis on natural texture and hair health (which we love). As for the colour of the hair, we saw the juxtaposition of warm and soft shadows. The shades of golden honey were inclined, as was the case with the cold platinum variants. Fire red was seen next to the cool ash blonde. It was a crazy year of hair colour.

Following are some cool & trendy haircuts of the year 2020.

  • Trend: Bowl Cutting
  • Celeb inspiration: Charlize Theron

“By 2019, haircuts have gone from elbows to bobs and now by 2020 they will be much shorter,” said Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto. Lee reveals that there is one style, in particular, that gets steam: cutting a container (a.k.a. the cut). “The last time this cut in the mainstream culture went back to the 90s when Demi Moore had Ghost, but I think the most powerful of the 90s was Josie Bissett who played Jane at Melrose Place,” Lee said. To take the modern style, take the rope to Charlize Theron, who cut her bowl recently made red carpet. “What makes Theron so beautiful is that it’s seamless which means that the sides and the back are cut and the top layer forms that colour of the bowl,” Lee said. Mark Lee’s words: “A bowl cut sounds like it’s going to be your turn.”

  • Trend: Soft Crimped Waves
  • Celeb inspiration: Joan Smiles

Raise your hand when shaking disabled hair back in the ’90s. According to Rashida Parris-Russell (Mane Assassin), cracked waves are another style trend that will go back to 2020, but this time with greater circulation than that of your childhood. To get this look, there is no need to dig your old shot. “Soft waves and nipples can be obtained by curling iron, metal in a triple barrel, or by curling hair so that it can be used for curling,” says Parris-Russell. Case in point: check out the relief of Joan Smalls, the awkwardness of the booths at a recent event.

  • Trend: Genderless Haircut
  • Celeb inspiration: Kristin Stewart

“Right now there is a huge movement in hair that’s sexually innocuous,” said Kiran Gill, partner and style at Ponytails + Horseshoes in Edmonton. A haircut is a haircut, no matter who it is, as long as they feel good, she said. Kristin Stewart and Tilda Swinton are prime examples of this tendency, short cuts to sports that are not meant to be female or male. “We are a proud member of The Dress code Project (a global salon network that provides great, gender-affirming services to the LGBTQ community) and we are excited to see this hair trend moving into the New Year,” Gill said.

  • Trend: Boho Bangs
  • Celeb inspiration: Kacey Musgraves

We can’t get enough bangs and thankfully we don’t have to, because the edge ends up sticking with 2020. While baby, curtain and blunt bangs were all spotted on the red carpet recently, Loretta Tom, director at Salon Haze in Vancouver, says the sheer weight, more than 60s-esque style will dominate the following year. He says: “It can be worn easily, or it’s natural to have soft services installed. Written bang adds a quick update to any hairstyle it doesn’t matter if you wear your hair up or down, adds Tom.

  • Trend: Hair Accessories
  • Celeb inspiration: Nicole Richie

The cleverly decorated styles were * big * this year and the trend is now going to be longer (at least by 2020), according to Maureen Penner, a hairdresser at VQ Salon in Winnipeg. “Adding an accessory is a quick way to add a special touch to your appearance, even if you haven’t spent much time in your hair,” she says. While barrettes are very popular in 2019, look for all kinds of accessories – from scissors, scarves, bows, hairstyles and more – to be seen in canals and street style stars alike in the coming months.

  • Trend: French girl Bob
  • Celeb’s inspiration: Aimee song

Say hello to the 2020 bob. “This look is softer than bob and has a more natural body to look modern,” said Zipora Hunter, a hairdresser at the Tidal Hair Lounge in Halifax. Think layers and light textures that allow for a more laid-back vibe, i.k.a. that worthy French girl who wakes up. The bob’s softness almost always makes it appear year after year but as more and more colours become less refined, the trend proves the bob is, too, Hunter said.

  • Trend: Deep Side Part
  • Celeb’s inspiration: Kehlani

The middle sections were everywhere this year but by 2020 the spare part is moving back into the showroom. “Make a statement by removing the hair from your face and the deep, deep part, it’s an easy way to put on any look,” said David D’Amours, Canadian creative director Kéformase. The best part about this style is that it works with any hair length and provides a quick way to change your look with minimal effort. “This part contributes to quickly lifting the clothes that make you look stylish and compact, while still feeling cool,” says D’Amours.

  • Trend: The Shag
  • Celeb inspiration: Natasha Lyonne

Paired jeans and psychedelic prints are not the only 70s you’ll see in 2020. One of the biggest reductions of the year is the explosion from the previous bag. “For someone who doesn’t want to lose their height, the shag is back,” said LMAA and Toronto-based hair and Dyson ambassador Matthew Collins. This cut has tons of textured face layers, has a lot of flexibility and can be worn with short, medium or long hair. Besides, Natasha Lyonne and Chrissy Teigen recently adopted an icon, a 70s-based layout. Hot tip: Collins recommends using your diffuser and hairdryer when spraying your shag as the cut looks great with natural texture.

  • Trend: Structured Cuts
  • Celeb inspiration: Yara Shahidi

Giving your natural hair texture will continue to be the norm the following year and beyond, and there is a cutting trend for the emergence of complementary hair gals that is in close cooperation with au naturel. “With blonde and kinky hair, you will see a lot more stylish cuts by 2020,” said Janet Jackson, Maui Moisture hair educator and stylist. He says the short-defined styles and buzz cuts and cut-out curls in fun situations will be pops très next year. “Playing with shapes and cuts that are not just about the look of your face but your natural beauty and durability [is important],” Jackson said. If you are considering moving a short cut line, it is advisable to book a hairdresser to make sure you get the right cut for your curls.

  • Trend: Smooth, Sleek Round Blow Outs
  • Celeb inspiration: Selena Gomez

“We’ve been seeing [ocean waves] a few years ago that by 2020 there will be a flood,” explains Somboun June, owner of Grace Hill Salon in Winnipeg. That means a return to the slim and smooth beat of la Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards or the recent Kim Kardashian. “Whether your hair is long or short, the look is achieved with a round brush,” June said. To keep up the modern style, you recommend having a pricey touch on your hair to balance your intentions (no big Texas hair here) and that the finish eliminates smooth with a lot of light.

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